Adult Day Program

With life expectancy continuing to rise, we may need assistance as we age. While help of all types is available, a valuable though not well-known service is adult day care, designed for older adults who can no longer manage independently, or who are isolated and lonely.

What is an adult day program?

The Adult Day Program, also known as adult day care, is a planned program of activities designed to promote well-being though social and health related services. The Wellington Place Adult Day Program operates during daytime hours, Monday through Sunday, in a safe, supportive, cheerful environment. Nutritious meals that accommodate special diets are included, along with an afternoon snack.

The intent of an adult day program is primarily two-fold:

  • To provide older adults an opportunity to get out of the house and receive both mental and social stimulation
  • To give caregivers a much-needed break in which to attend to personal needs, or simply rest and relax or even work without the worry of a loved one alone at home

Good candidates for the adult day program are seniors who:

  • Can benefit from the friendship and functional assistance the program offers,
  • May be physically or cognitively challenged but do not require 24-hour supervision.

Adult Day Program participants need to be mobile, with the possible assistance of a cane, walker or wheelchair.